‘If’ was in a reflective mood.

I asked what’s going on?

‘If’ said, “I am thinking, what if I disappear from your lives?”

I stood aghast! What If? ‘If’disappeared from my life?

‘If’ not being there at all!

A lot my conversations would end. My interactions would change.

I would live more in the now, in the here. More in love with my life.

More I would embrace life.

I would ……

I would be more at peace. I said.

Precisely. Said If. Stop using me so much. I am not in every breath!

‘If’ turned, saying a final bye. Herefater, be at peace dear one, it said.

‘If’ was receding fast from my sight.


“Stop. One last thought” I said.

‘If’turned just bit to give me a side glance.

The look said, don’t stop me now!

And I said, “Wait. Can you please take the ‘why’ also along with you?”


Peace unto us now!


-Deepti Vishwanath