A laugh and a tear -again

Laugh and a tear again sat across the table

sipping from their cups of experiences

Laugh asked the tear,

what happened?

Tear could not speak a word and when it tried, it sobbed even more!

but felt better after a while

and now asked the laugh,

what happened?

Laugh went on and on and on,

and the room laughed,

and the tear?

also chuckled.

A Laugh and A tear

laugh and a tear

sat across the table

sipping from their cups

the experiences  each had.

the tear did not recognise what was there to laugh about

and the laugh tried hard. what was there to cry about!

each felt the other did not understand,

They exchanged their cups.

and guess what?

laugh still had his cup

and the tear his!



Laugh and a tear -3 (finally and final)

Now this time, it was My laugh and My tear;

went for a walk together.

Laugh asked My tear

what happened?

Tear tried hard to explain;

seeing the laugh’s response, said,

never mind, you won’t understand.

after some time, tear asked My Laugh,

what happened?

Laugh said, never mind, you won’t appreciate

and they continued to walk together.

non companion to the other

for immersed they were in their experiences.

Unmindful that they both belonged to the same person.

and me, the person kept looking at both separately,

Unknowing, they were my own!

if I was one, how could they be two?