The clock ticks

Reminding of the movement

Set in motion

Under whose plan or will?

The rising Sun

Seen day after day

Eternal as though

A stark witness

To the movements herein

The rising waves,

Who impels them?

For whom do they rise and fall


Sometimes graceful,

Other times not!

The hills, the lakes, the snow,

The meadows, the forests

Oh! So much … All in motion

How can life be finite?

When every aspect of it is infinite!

And Now, I hear the silence!

Between the two tick ….. tick!

Ah! The joy of Silence!


– Deepti Vishwanath


By the Ghats

By the ghat, standing I,

saw the river flow by.

Telling me tales of many a times

forlorn by us,

She remembers it all.

I turn to look at the people behind me,

busy, hustling, bustling…

in need to get somewhere,

go somewhere,

get something,

achieve something,

a rush!

Then, I took the plunge!

One last thing I did;

took the boat

to the other shore.

I stand here,

where I hear the tales from the river,

been eternally there,

of the same ceaseless hustles,

been eternally there,

I see on the other shore!

only, from the other end!

© Deepti Vishwanath



You have life.

The joys, the sorrows,

the grumblings, the rumblings

the highs, the low.

I feel all;


I feel you.



Feel I the most

when you are not there!



you are wonderful!

You make it possible

to share what is held;

The joys, the sorrows …..



The experience

when you are not there!

Is there!

Is alive.

This you cannot share, O Words!

It gave you life!

You are dear to me;

Through you,

I saw the One behind you!

Which binds you like beads in a necklace.

The invisible thread which holds you!

Because of you,

I saw.

And, It is that which I feel!


© Deepti Vishwanath