By the Ghats

By the ghat, standing I,

saw the river flow by.

Telling me tales of many a times

forlorn by us,

She remembers it all.

I turn to look at the people behind me,

busy, hustling, bustling…

in need to get somewhere,

go somewhere,

get something,

achieve something,

a rush!

Then, I took the plunge!

One last thing I did;

took the boat

to the other shore.

I stand here,

where I hear the tales from the river,

been eternally there,

of the same ceaseless hustles,

been eternally there,

I see on the other shore!

only, from the other end!

© Deepti Vishwanath

Nothing or Everything

The frailties of life; I see,

When relations; I see.

How fragile!

Momentary happiness,

Even as it is being felt,

It all goes

into the Nothing land.

Is that where the ‘all’ dwells?



Since the ‘all’ dwells there;