Some Why’s?

Body lit on pyre

What truth it tells?

The end is certain

And known.

Why then? Does living seem eternal?

That to accommodate, to forgive, to forget

To laugh, to hug, to be light

Seems so difficult!

Why does human not remember that end is certain,


Why does he not live with this memory?

Why does human pride his ignorance?

Why does human divide as me-mine, you-yours?

Why can compassion not be cultivated as a universal value?

Why can kindness not be compulsory?

Why can injury caused to lesser expressions of life be allowed?

Why are values not a priority universally,

Irrespective of nationality colour creed gender!

Why are there so many religions?

When prayers are same! For happiness.

Some of the why’s my teacher said never to ask!

©️ Deepti Vishwanath

Views and Counter views


Saw an acrobatic parrot! Was literally dancing on the wire. What a sight it was! The playfulness and enjoyment was so clearly seen. Glad i got a capture!

It recalled a conversation I once had! A never ending (it seemed) looped conversation. Which became the inspiration for the quote! Helps me remain open minded.

For hours we talked and every point was equally countered and we finally agreed to disagree!

The topic generally was around, “Objectivity in relationships or involvement in relationships – which works better!” Though this cannot be conclusively deducted, for lack of methods to determine subjective measures; still we had a great discussion.

One take – Objective person alone can have great relationships. They remain fresh for a long time and the quality is different, because involvement invariably narrows the perspective to individual basis. And individual basis means seeing the other person only from one’s stand point. This can be suffocating and eventually can get putrified. Making mess of both concerned people. Allowing and appreciating the other person to remain as they are and still be able to accommodate the differences is only possible if there is objectivity. It reduces expectations, which itself is a great health for a relationship. Since expectations burden a person.

The other take – involvement makes better relations. Because involvement is natural and in fact determinant to who we can be close to or not. It is anyways unavoidable, since no person can really remain objective all the time. Involvement helps know the other person better, which allows better concern for the other. Like in case of a mother and child. Or married partners. Also, objectivity can slip into appearing cold and indifferent to the other which in fact can brew tremendous trouble.

And so back and forth we went and also our ways! But this parrot reminded me of this incident.

The incident and the photograph are more than a couple of years old. Deliberately made the picture grainy for effect. Since it is not going to be in print.

– Deepti Vishwanath.

Inspirational Quote

©️Deepti Vishwanath