Views and Counter views


Saw an acrobatic parrot! Was literally dancing on the wire. What a sight it was! The playfulness and enjoyment was so clearly seen. Glad i got a capture!

It recalled a conversation I once had! A never ending (it seemed) looped conversation. Which became the inspiration for the quote! Helps me remain open minded.

For hours we talked and every point was equally countered and we finally agreed to disagree!

The topic generally was around, “Objectivity in relationships or involvement in relationships – which works better!” Though this cannot be conclusively deducted, for lack of methods to determine subjective measures; still we had a great discussion.

One take – Objective person alone can have great relationships. They remain fresh for a long time and the quality is different, because involvement invariably narrows the perspective to individual basis. And individual basis means seeing the other person only from one’s stand point. This can be suffocating and eventually can get putrified. Making mess of both concerned people. Allowing and appreciating the other person to remain as they are and still be able to accommodate the differences is only possible if there is objectivity. It reduces expectations, which itself is a great health for a relationship. Since expectations burden a person.

The other take – involvement makes better relations. Because involvement is natural and in fact determinant to who we can be close to or not. It is anyways unavoidable, since no person can really remain objective all the time. Involvement helps know the other person better, which allows better concern for the other. Like in case of a mother and child. Or married partners. Also, objectivity can slip into appearing cold and indifferent to the other which in fact can brew tremendous trouble.

And so back and forth we went and also our ways! But this parrot reminded me of this incident.

The incident and the photograph are more than a couple of years old. Deliberately made the picture grainy for effect. Since it is not going to be in print.

– Deepti Vishwanath.

Inspirational Quote

©️Deepti Vishwanath

Sky Art

#Photograph #picture

Man made and Nature Art.

Taken a year ago. By a smart camera!

Fire in the sky

#Photograph #picture

Man made and Nature crafted design!

Taken a year ago. By a smart camera!


Man made and Nature crafted designs

©️ Deepti Vishwanath


The clock ticks

Reminding of the movement

Set in motion

Under whose plan or will?

The rising Sun

Seen day after day

Eternal as though

A stark witness

To the movements herein

The rising waves,

Who impels them?

For whom do they rise and fall


Sometimes graceful,

Other times not!

The hills, the lakes, the snow,

The meadows, the forests

Oh! So much … All in motion

How can life be finite?

When every aspect of it is infinite!

And Now, I hear the silence!

Between the two tick ….. tick!

Ah! The joy of Silence!


– Deepti Vishwanath


Himalayan peaks and Sunrise enroute Nainital – Mukteshwar 


Enroute …. I love to shoot without any special preparation… Just capture the essence without stopping.. Most of my photographs have this is them..

The same drive.. Dawn.. Around 5.15 a.m..First rays of seeing the sunrise in the Himalayan Range of Nainital district. These are famously called Panchauli peaks.. The 5 peaks..  More later..

Same road… Another turn.. From the car..


A couple of years ago! Suddenly saw this.. Was still getting my hand at an amateur semi-auto canon camera.. But,  nevertheless, the weave has always remained one of my favorite captures.. Unedited #nofilter

All © Deepti Vishwanath

Archived Photograph

@Pangong Lake, Leh-Ladhak. Situated at the height of about 14,270 ft.  It is an endorheic lake along the Indo China border.  A part of the lake falls in India and a part in China. Despite being salt water lake, it completely freezes during winters.. The lake is about 5kms wide at its broades and 134 kms long.

A local returning home from a day’s work with her sheep.  @ Nubra Valley.

World Photography Day

#Photograph #picture #nofilter

My recent favorites on the occasion of the World Photography Day.  #WPD

Dawn at River Ganges in the ancient, beautiful city of Benaras, also called Varanasi.

Fishermen’s boats docked at sunrise.. #Benaras

The capture of the flag bordering the Sun and the faint distant star @Benaras Ghat