Some of my readers are aware that my main interest is Advaita Vedanta. And while initially this blog was intended to be primarily Vedanta related, it somehow became poetry dominant. No complaints at that!! Am also happy, because I never took out time to pursue poetry. The friends I made here, and reading some really great poems kept me inspired and words would flow out even when I came to make a prose post. I will now continue both occasionally.

This post is resuming an ongoing series of addressing misconceptions in Vedanta and its pursuit.

A question that pops in every nascent listener of Vedanta, “Is Vedanta an intellectual approach to life? Is it merely few theoretical or rhetorical statements?”

This, I think is the toughest stage of learning Vedanta. Is there any one answer say yes or no?

No. It is not an intellectual exercise. But yes, it utilises your intellect to convey the knowledge. No, it is not theoretical, contrary it is developing an inner steady mental perception of Truth and falsity. It gives facts, subtle yes, but FACTS. It gives knowledge of mental values, correct attitudes but will that alone develop them? NO. How each one transforms the knowledge in themselves, is dependent on them. But if followed, does knowledge guarantee inner growth? YES.


Deepti Vishwanath


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