Like an old painting

Covered with dust

I stand. Hooked on the walls of

False beliefs, misunderstandings, superstitions;

Years overs years, dust drapes me

Fading my beauty, once joyed by all.

And I,

Trying my best to unhook myself,

Shake the dust off.

Am unable to do so….

Helpless on the walls, I am hooked.

Dust shadows me;

an outline only visible

Marking my existence!

©Deepti Vishwanath.

An old poem. Written on 12th June, 1986, resurfaced in an attic box. What surprises me, Existence was my query even then. Still at it! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Hooked on the wall.

  1. I love this poem. It is so imaginative but one can feel the reality of the painting. Thank you also for supporting my poetry. I feel flattered that someone as gifted as you looks at my work. I don’t have to advise you to keep writing. It is obviously deep in your soul to do so,

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  2. Wow! Deep insightful write. May we be blessed to make the leap – off the wall – to dance in freedom, shaking off the dust and being drenched in the sunshine of pure love. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of inspiration.

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