Time chose to speak. And I sat down.

“Who am I?” Time asked me.

I am called by all the names, all the time!

Some call me ‘Good’time. Some say,’Bad’ times!

Am I one or many?

‘Terrible’ time; ‘Lovely’time.

Am I double-faced? Or, am I partial?

some even say,

I am slow; then, they only say, “Time runs fast”. Some say, I stand still!

???? What! Am I stationary or do I flow?

‘Day’ time, ‘Night’ time. Am I so restless? Do I change so much?

I think I belong to all, yet they say, “I have no time.”

“Am I empty?” For everyone tries to fill me!

Fill the time-fill the time! “What are you doing to fill your time?”

I hear it ever so often.

Who am I?

That I am, is certain.

Everyone seems sure, I will always be there.

Time looked my way, now waiting for an answer.

I don’t know.  To avoid saying that, I pretend to be asleep.

and exactly a moment later, I heard Time exclaim,

I am not there!

I am not there! Time screamed, pointing at me.

And Time shouted! Joyous this time,  I am – not there!!


-Deepti Vishwanath

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